Thursday, January 16, 2020


You have a minister who forms a commission, heads it, witnesses the heated discussions among fellow commissioners, makes them work through the differences to prepare a final report, as the report becomes ready, he sits in his own work for months without making it public, let alone implementing it. His boss, the PM, also takes a copy to make it his chair-cushion and warms it further. You don't confront the minister. PM? Wait till another turd-joke drops!
Spineless as they are, student leaders don't utter a word. Teacher unions hide their tails even before they think of their masters. Party-intellectuals muster all their energy up to produce banal defenses of the indefensible! Media fails to confront the powers that be, limits its role in regurgitating the same old crap told hundred times already.
You have ever increasing number of education shops—some are dilapidated kirana pasals, others are wholesales, some look like fancy malls, and few are big supermarkets. Majority schools send out the kids with SEE certificates in their hands but without the basic skills of reading and writing. Critical and creative thinking is a far cry. Kirana Pasals and wholesales of higher education sell high-sounding degrees which hardly stand any real critical tests of professionalism, neither can face the complexities of life and world. You are happy to take the degree as a badge of honor!
Majority student leaders are the 'commodities' produced by such schools and now attend one of these kirana pasals or supermarkets. Teacher unions—the misnomers at their best—are the key players of the pasals. Party-intellectuals? Superannuated bards of the corrupt centurions! 
You see the farce and weep silently!
You try to find straw in the wind and you see the doom!


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